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Night out with Friends

We had fun last night when we went out with friends to watch one of our fellow "Lifties" when he got a gig singing in town during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

Matt Coughlin sang his heart out while we all listened and partied! After his set was done he was able to have a good time with the rest of us and his girlfriend, Anna.

Wildlife We've Seen

Well, we both enjoy seeing wildlife everywhere we travel too and we've been lucky enough to see quite a bit of it. We saw the grizzly bear in the photo to the left while we were just outside of Yellowstone. This was Sal's first grizzly in the wild so it was even that much more incredible of an experience.

The bear here in the other photo was the first one we got to see in Sequoia NP while we were there. We ended up seeing many, many more, but this one was just so big and amazing that it left a lasting impression.

We've seen many baby animals too. We've seen baby birds, Bighorn Sheep, bears, and this cute little elk! This guy was along a trail in Yellowstone and was hanging out eating from a nearby tree. Don't know where Mom was, but figured it must have been pretty close by.

And these moose put on a wonderful show that we, and all the other campers, watched for quite some time. They weren't really fighting per se. They ended up walking away together onc…

Arches National Park

Before we reported to our current positions at Deer Valley Ski Resort we made a trip to Arches National Park. Another incredible place!! We parked the house and stayed right along the Colorado River. What a remarkable view to wake up to each morning!

We enjoyed Arches more than either one of us could have even imagined. We pretty much did all the hikes that we could while we were there. The arches everywhere were just mind-blowing.
And the sunsets on the rocks were breath-taking! Everything was so beautiful!

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks Fall 2008

We spent three weeks visiting Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks in the fall of 2008. What amazing places!!! To just say that we had a lot of fun is just such an understatement! We may just look into working in the area in the future. We hiked, we fished, and we just sat back and relaxed a little too. It was awesome!!

Flaming Gorge summer 2008

So, we worked in Flaming Gorge over the summer of 2008. We rafted the Green River I don't even know how many times while we were there! We also learned how to fly fish and just had a whole lot of fun!

We went on this one hike at a place called Jones Hole, and it ended up being one of our favorites! It was beautiful! We got to see baby Bighorn Sheep while we were out towards the end of the hike at another section of the Green River. We also did a little side trip to a waterfall too. We dunked ourselves under it in the water which was pretty cool! The view into Jones Hole Canyon is a fantastic one too!

For Bobbie's birthday, we went on an overnight backpacking trip. It didn't really end up the way we planned when the trail got so difficult to follow because of downed trees and deadfall over the trail that we ended up turning around. We did still stay the night out in the wild, but we also almost got eaten up by the mosquitoes. It was still a gorgeous place though and…

Zion National Park 2008

After working in Sequoia National Park, we traveled east to visit family and take time off. We then came back west again to meet up with great new RV friends in Quartzite, AZ and had a blast!

We accepted positions for the summer of 2008 at Flaming Gorge Resort which lies within the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. On our way there, we decided to stop by Zion National Park. Zion is an amazing place!

We couldn't believe the view just outside of our home! We had beautiful weather while we were there and got in some great hikes!

The sunsets in Zion were incredible to see. The already red rocks would turn this amazing color of orange! And with just a touch of snow up on the top ridges, it took our breath away!

And as I mentioned earlier, we got to go on some amazing hikes while we were there. This picture shows the trail up (and I do mean UP) that we took to get to the top of Angels Landing. The view from the top was awesome! It really was worth the effort, although we both…

Sequoia National Park 2007

Our first work-camping experience was in Sequoia National Park. We worked at the Wuksachi Lodge there and had so much fun when we weren't working! The big trees that the park is named after are more massive than you can even imagine!!

We spent a few days in nearby Yosemite National Park which is actually where we got married! It was beautiful!!

Also while we were in Sequoia, we spent Bobbie's birthday at a place called Bearpaw High Sierra Camp. You hike the 11 miles into the camp, but you don't have to backpack everything you would normally because there are people there that cook for you, there are beds already there, etc. It was a very special perk to be able to spend a few nights there because we worked for the company! What an awesome birthday!!!

We got to see the Great Western Divide!

We also backpacked to a couple of other incredible places!!

We thouroughly enjoyed our time there and it was a great place to have our first work-camping experience! We were also ready …