Flaming Gorge summer 2008

So, we worked in Flaming Gorge over the summer of 2008. We rafted the Green River I don't even know how many times while we were there! We also learned how to fly fish and just had a whole lot of fun!

We went on this one hike at a place called Jones Hole, and it ended up being one of our favorites! It was beautiful! We got to see baby Bighorn Sheep while we were out towards the end of the hike at another section of the Green River. We also did a little side trip to a waterfall too. We dunked ourselves under it in the water which was pretty cool! The view into Jones Hole Canyon is a fantastic one too!

For Bobbie's birthday, we went on an overnight backpacking trip. It didn't really end up the way we planned when the trail got so difficult to follow because of downed trees and deadfall over the trail that we ended up turning around. We did still stay the night out in the wild, but we also almost got eaten up by the mosquitoes. It was still a gorgeous place though and we had a lot of fun!!


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