Sequoia National Park 2007

Our first work-camping experience was in Sequoia National Park. We worked at the Wuksachi Lodge there and had so much fun when we weren't working! The big trees that the park is named after are more massive than you can even imagine!!

We spent a few days in nearby Yosemite National Park which is actually where we got married! It was beautiful!!

Also while we were in Sequoia, we spent Bobbie's birthday at a place called Bearpaw High Sierra Camp. You hike the 11 miles into the camp, but you don't have to backpack everything you would normally because there are people there that cook for you, there are beds already there, etc. It was a very special perk to be able to spend a few nights there because we worked for the company! What an awesome birthday!!!

We got to see the Great Western Divide!

We also backpacked to a couple of other incredible places!!

We thouroughly enjoyed our time there and it was a great place to have our first work-camping experience! We were also ready to experience other places once we were done with our commitment though. This whole lifestyle is supposed to allow us to see more and do more!! Bring it on!!


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