Wildlife We've Seen

Well, we both enjoy seeing wildlife everywhere we travel too and we've been lucky enough to see quite a bit of it. We saw the grizzly bear in the photo to the left while we were just outside of Yellowstone. This was Sal's first grizzly in the wild so it was even that much more incredible of an experience.

The bear here in the other photo was the first one we got to see in Sequoia NP while we were there. We ended up seeing many, many more, but this one was just so big and amazing that it left a lasting impression.

We've seen many baby animals too. We've seen baby birds, Bighorn Sheep, bears, and this cute little elk! This guy was along a trail in Yellowstone and was hanging out eating from a nearby tree. Don't know where Mom was, but figured it must have been pretty close by.

And these moose put on a wonderful show that we, and all the other campers, watched for quite some time. They weren't really fighting per se. They ended up walking away together once they were done. I think it was a teaching moment that we were all lucky enough to witness.

And then this little marmot was both so cute and so pesky all at the same time. He was up at a place we backpacked to in Sequoia. Once we arrived at our camping location for the night, he came right over to welcome us, and to see if we had any food for him. He tried to climb in our backpacks while we were setting up our tent. He hung around close by while we were cooking our dinner for anything that might have gotten dropped! And then in the middle of the night, him (or one of his many friends close by) chewed up Sal's sweaty bandana. They enjoy the salt. The thing is that we had rinsed it out in the creek knowing that this might happen and hung it up to dry out. Obviously, we didn't get all the sweat out. It made for a really funny story!!

We're very much looking forward to all the wildlife that we are sure to see on our way up and in Alaska!! Check back for more pictures once we're there!!


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