Hello to HOT!!

So, we left Utah and arrived in Southern California to visit family shortly before we take off to start our trip to Alaska. Well, lucky us, they end up having an extreme heatwave!! We're staying out in a small little town outside of Perris, CA and it's been in the 90's and 100's!!!!! Talk about going from one extreme to another!!

We've had a good time while here though. We've spent all of time here visiting with my Grandma and Sal's kids. That's Matthew and Michelle with Sal in the one pic. The other shows Matt with his long-time girlfriend, Camille. We've enjoyed our short time with family in So Cal, but we've got adventures ahead of us just waiting!!


  1. I'm so glad you have a blog!!! Much easier to follow since I'm a slacer e-mailer. I can't wait to see all about Alaska. I miss you tons!

  2. i cant believe we missed you while you here, would have loved to have seen you if only for an hour miss you a lot! wish i was going with you to alaska look forward to your photos!


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