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Arrive to Diamond M Ranch

Well, we fell in love with Cooper Landing!! But we had to get going and head further south. Couldn't help but take a few more pictures of the beautiful Kenai River though!!

We arrived Tuesday afternoon (5/26/09) at Diamond M Ranch where we'll be working for three months this summer. It is still a working ranch with cows, chickens, horses, llamas, and even pigs! They also have cabins and rooms they rent along with an RV Park. They're going to put us right to work too. We are both started our respective jobs on Thursday (5/28). We'll explore on our days off though!!!! Still haven't gotten pictures of the ranch here, so I'll include those later.

But, meet Tommy. Tommy is an older horse that the Martin family has owned his whole life. He was born on this property about 29 years ago and therefore, Tommy has run of the entire property. Our first or second night here, we were eating dinner and were convinced that we were experiencing an earthquake! I mean, t…

Kenai Peninsula Arrival May 23 - 25, 2009

We left Valdez and headed towards Anchorage. Need to get some work done on our bikes and do some shopping before heading on to Kenai. This is where we stopped to have a little bite of lunch! Nice spot, don't ya think?????

Sal wanted a cup of coffee so we stopped over at this little place along the road. No, this isn't where we bought the coffee, but it was out in the yard there. Cute!!!! Mendeltna Creek Lodge along the Steward Highway.

You could see Matanuska Glacier as you drove right past it. It is HUGE!! Apparently they do guide trips out and across this thing!!! It was quite the sight to behold!!!

So, we stayed in Anchorage on May 24th and took off in the morning to head over to the Kenai Peninsula! Couldn't wait to get out of Anchorage!! Too many people and buildings for us!!!!

From there we drove around a body of water named Turnagain Arm. It was an awesome drive but very crowded due to our timing! Guess we didn't plan ahead very well. You couldn't …

Trip to Valdez, AK May 21 - 22

Well, we decided, kind of last minute to take another side trip. This time down to Valdez, AK which, as you may recall, is where the huge oil spill of 1989 took place.

We were lucky to have incredible weather for the trip! Had to stop at the Wrangell-St. Elias NP Visitor Center along the way. They had a nice trail that wasn't very long at all, but gave some awe-inspiring views of the mountains themselves. Very much looking forward to some closer views later!!!

Of course, a trip to Valdez isn't complete without stopping to check out the Alaska Pipeline. Pretty interesting stuff!

You can see the Wrangell-St. Elias mountains on the other side of Willow Lake here. We're hoping to do some backpacking in this spectacular National Park while we're here in Alaska. Bobbie probably more hoping than Sal, but ..... ;7)

Another picture of one of the Wrangell-St. Elias mountains! Mt Drum; so close you feel like you can just reach out and touch it!!

We stopped and checked out Wor…

Into Alaska!! May 18 - 20, 2009


So, we left the govt campground and headed further north. We stopped here at Pickhandle Lake to have lunch. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful location to sit a spell and have a bite to eat!! Don't ya think??? We did!!!

Yyyeeeaaahhhh! We arrived officially in Alaska along the Alaska Highway!!! It's a very exciting moment!! Luckily there was another couple that had arrived a few minutes earlier so we were able to swap taking pictures of each other.

WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the official international border between Alaska and Canada! It is a swath cut through the trees about 20 feet apart or so that just goes on and on!!! Somehow we expected something larger! Who'd a thunk???

Between a place called Destruction Bay and the Alaska border the road was the roughest we have encountered. We had many, many frost heaves in the road that sent us flying and jumping in the truck!! This was a section of road within Alaska that they were doing construction…

Side Trip to Haines May 15 - 17, 2009


We decided to take a side trip to Haines which meant we needed to travel south on the Haines Highway out of Haines Junction, to Haines, Alaska and then return to Haines Junction afterwards to continue on the Alaska Hwy. This is a view of Kathleen Lake along the Haines Hwy. Those are the Kluane Mountains in the background.

We saw three porcupines along about a 4 mile stretch of the Haines Hwy. This is the only pic I was able to get. A butt pic is better than no pic at all, right??????

Here's the Chilkoot River that is at the Chilkoot Alaska State Park. We were going to try to stay here, but it was still closed due to too much snow!! But we wouldn't have been able to anyway because we found out (after talking to the camp host also waiting for the campground to open) that we wouldn't have fit with our rig and truck anyway. Still enjoyed the drive out and back to town.

The harbor in Haines was pretty cool!! We ended up eating at a restaurant right here. We decide…

May 13 - 14, 2009


These are the Kluane Mountains in the area of Haines Junction, YT along the Alaska Highway. The weather wasn't the greatest as we traveled. We had some rain and even some snow and sleet.

We stayed at a place called Pine Lake Yukon Government Campground and it was gorgeous! There was hardly anyone there! We loved it so much we ended up staying a couple of nights! This is the view that we had out our back window of our house.


Just outside of the campground were this pair of grizzlies! We sat and watched them for almost an hour! They were scouring for insects and all to eat. They were just so cool!! They actually traveled into the campground and they tried and tried to get them to move on, but they apparently enjoyed the area as well as we did because they didn't want to leave. With the Canadian long holiday weekend arriving, they ended up closing the campground down as we left to keep people out. We were glad that we had the chance to observe these magni…