Arrive to Diamond M Ranch

Well, we fell in love with Cooper Landing!! But we had to get going and head further south. Couldn't help but take a few more pictures of the beautiful Kenai River though!!

We arrived Tuesday afternoon (5/26/09) at Diamond M Ranch where we'll be working for three months this summer. It is still a working ranch with cows, chickens, horses, llamas, and even pigs! They also have cabins and rooms they rent along with an RV Park. They're going to put us right to work too. We are both started our respective jobs on Thursday (5/28). We'll explore on our days off though!!!! Still haven't gotten pictures of the ranch here, so I'll include those later.

But, meet Tommy. Tommy is an older horse that the Martin family has owned his whole life. He was born on this property about 29 years ago and therefore, Tommy has run of the entire property. Our first or second night here, we were eating dinner and were convinced that we were experiencing an earthquake! I mean, the house was a rockin' and a rollin' and for quite a while too!! We found out the next day that it was really just Tommy who had an itch and apparently our hitch in front was at just the right level for him!!! Tommy has visited us almost every night since then, but at least now, we know what's really going on!!!!!


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