Crossing the Border

So, we studied and researched all that Canada allowed and didn’t allow you to cross over with. We got rid of alcohol, fruits, vegetables and such worried that we’d be caught red-handed! After all the preparation, they didn’t even search our stuff for anything! I guess we must have looked too honest! Imagine that!!

This is the town we entered into Canada at. We were going to stop and get our picture with the Abbotsford, BC sign, but then we were afraid they’d change their minds and search the rig. Ha. Ha. So, Bobbie just snapped the pic while we were still driving

We spent our first night in a campground near Bridal Veil Falls. We hiked up to it the next morning before hitting the road again. The hike was awesome! There was a lot of moss on all the trees and a lot of flowers blooming with spring! Sal like it because it was short and sweet!

Below are some pictures taken along the drive through an area called Fraser Canyon in British Columbia. We were lucky enough to have some gorgeous weather for this part of the trip. Fraser River is along much of the canyon.

Thompson River was another beautiful one through the canyon. It didn’t have as much sediment in it making it a much clearer river.

On our second night in Canada, we decided to stay at this Provincial Park which was quite nice and very pretty.

Okay, let me go back in time just a bit. While in Oregon, we picked up a new water pump for the rig. Sal was going to change it then, but it was raining buckets outside, so it didn’t get done. And of course, Murphy’s Law took over. Bobbie was taking a shower, and had just washed her hair when all of a sudden; no water came out of the shower head. She called out to Sal while her hair was still full of shampoo lather and he laughed his butt off when she exclaimed that the water would not turn on!! So he went outside to fill a pot with ice cold water from the spigot (he was still laughing). Bobbie screamed while trying to get the shampoo out with freezing ass cold water! Afterwards, the water pump was replaced and Bobbie climbed back into the shower to finish. I guess this is all part of this full-time RV lifestyle that we’re still getting used to.

Then the next day, we did more traveling through Fraser Canyon. It is truly an amazing place! We loved it!

Now we are in Chetwynd, BC where the International Chainsaw Carving Championships take place every year. Down in town, they have carvings on all the streets that you can check out. We went and saw a bunch of them earlier today. They’re pretty cool!

This one is of an Eagle’s Nest. This one was our favorite!!

Tomorrow we head back out on the road. We’ve been a little disappointed because so many things we had wanted to see and visit are still closed. It’s still too early in the season I guess. Because of this though, we are traveling faster than expected through this part of Canada. Hopefully, more will open soon. We don’t know when we’ll have internet access again, but we’ll update as soon as we can. Take care everyone!!


  1. Hi,
    We're fulltimers (2.5 yrs) on the way to Alaska too. We're still in California as we're in no hurry to get there while its still a frozen tundra. We are keeping a blog also and you can find it at
    I'd like to email you but don't see any contact info listed for you.


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