Into Alaska!! May 18 - 20, 2009


So, we left the govt campground and headed further north. We stopped here at Pickhandle Lake to have lunch. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful location to sit a spell and have a bite to eat!! Don't ya think??? We did!!!

Yyyeeeaaahhhh! We arrived officially in Alaska along the Alaska Highway!!! It's a very exciting moment!! Luckily there was another couple that had arrived a few minutes earlier so we were able to swap taking pictures of each other.

WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the official international border between Alaska and Canada! It is a swath cut through the trees about 20 feet apart or so that just goes on and on!!! Somehow we expected something larger! Who'd a thunk???

Between a place called Destruction Bay and the Alaska border the road was the roughest we have encountered. We had many, many frost heaves in the road that sent us flying and jumping in the truck!! This was a section of road within Alaska that they were doing construction on for a few miles before our first Alaska stop. This section of road was still smooth sailing compared to what we saw earlier in the day.

Okay, we knew the road was rough, but were still surprised when we finally stopped and almost everything that was in our medicine cabinet had come falling out and filled the sink completely and we even had stuff on the floor!!! We've never had this happen before!!!


We moved a whopping 16 miles to Eagle Trail Alaska State Campground because we just needed a day to chill out a bit. We squeezed into this site and thoroughly enjoyed the place!! We took a hike into the creekbed nearby to gather a bunch of wood for a nice campfire. We even got visited by a Gray Jay while we were burning it! Spectacular looking bird!!

Another mountain view! The Mentasta Mountains along the Glenn Highway! So incredible!

We were lucky enough to see this cute family of Caribou along the highway. We actually had to follow behind them for about a quarter mile before they could get to a place where it was easy for them to get off the road.


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