May 10 - 12, 2009


After soaking in the hotsprings for a while, we took off traveling again. Not too far from there, we saw tons and tons of Wood Bison along the road. Even saw a few babies like this one! So cute!!!

We were properly welcomed into the Yukon Territory with this sign and flagpole!


When you pass through Watson Lake, YT you have to check out the signpost forest. This practice of posting signs from everywhere began back in 1950 or so. This is only one view of the place too. It goes on in many different directions!!

Here's the Alaska Highway wandering through the snow covered mountains. We could always tell by the snow cover when we were going up in elevation! The road itself was pretty cool-looking!

We stopped along the highway at the Rancheria Falls Recreation Site along the highway and hiked to the falls. The hike was supposed to be an "easy 10-minute hike" but I think they mean that when there is no snow covering most of the trail!! Actually, the hike was still pretty easy, but we did have to stop a lot to figure out which way to go since we couldn't acually SEE the trail!! The view was worth the effort though!

Teslin Lake is HUGE!! The entire area was very pretty, but unfortunately quite a bit was still closed. Mukluk Annie's is where we really wanted to go, but she retired just this year. We were told that her Salmon Bake was the best! Oh well. Hope she's enjoying her retirement as much as we're enjoying our semi-retirement!!


This is Marsh Lake along the Alaska Highway. Still covered in ice as so many other lakes we've seen but still pretty. In case you can't tell by the picture through the windshield of the truck, but we hit much precipitation on the drive today. Most of it was SNOW and ICE!!! Yikes!!

So, we arrived in Whitehorse, YT. This is Yukon River which runs along one side and kind of the back of the town. We walked along part of it and checked out some other stuff downtown. There was a log cabin kind of church there that was pretty cool, but was still closed for the season so we couldn't see the inside. Outside it looked cool. We also read about a log high-rise, but it was a building that was two-stories and made of logs. It was pretty cool, but not exactly high-rise. It was actually still being used for people to live in.


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