May 13 - 14, 2009


These are the Kluane Mountains in the area of Haines Junction, YT along the Alaska Highway. The weather wasn't the greatest as we traveled. We had some rain and even some snow and sleet.

We stayed at a place called Pine Lake Yukon Government Campground and it was gorgeous! There was hardly anyone there! We loved it so much we ended up staying a couple of nights! This is the view that we had out our back window of our house.


Just outside of the campground were this pair of grizzlies! We sat and watched them for almost an hour! They were scouring for insects and all to eat. They were just so cool!! They actually traveled into the campground and they tried and tried to get them to move on, but they apparently enjoyed the area as well as we did because they didn't want to leave. With the Canadian long holiday weekend arriving, they ended up closing the campground down as we left to keep people out. We were glad that we had the chance to observe these magnificent creatures!!

This is the male on the left and the female on the right above. They were both amazing to watch!!!

While in the area, we went and visited an old abandoned city called Silver City. It used to include a post office, roadhouse, trading post, and mounted police barracks. Quite a few buildings still remained. Can you believe this view??!!!

Pine Lake Yukon Government Campground. Awesome place!! This is the lake itself which was just getting ready to sink it's ice.

One thing that we thought was way cool and we took full advantage of was the fact that in the Yukon Government campgrounds they provide free firewood!!! I guess they used to do this in the British Columbia parks too, but have had to stop. And actually, I say we took advantage of it. We really didn't while we were here because it had been raining and sleeting for a few days so it was all wet. We tried to get a fire going but to no avail. We both smelled like drowned wet smoke on this night! Eeww!


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