Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway!

We arrived in Dawson Creek today which is the official start of the Alaska Highway! We had to have our picture taken at the famous marker!! The historic Mile 0 sign is just off to the side next to the road.

So we went downtown and did all the "touristy" stuff which included a walking tour and this is where they have another Mile 0 post right in the middle of the road. We're not sure which is the official Mile 0 right now, but had fun at both. They are only about a block away from each other and I think one is the original and one is the current. They're both pretty cool!!

Also on the tour, they had quite a few different murals that were pretty cool. Most of them depicted the life in Dawson Creek around the time they built the Alaska Highway We also watched a film they had at the Visitor Center that went into detail on the building of the road. Quite an amazing story!!!

This is one of the older businesses still here in Dawson Creek. It started as an Inn with six bedrooms and then in 1942 they got their license to sell alcohol. In the 1940s the lines would go all the way around the building. They allowed people in for one drink and then forced them out to the end of the line! That's what I call desperate for a drink!!

Next stop should be Buckinghorse River Wayside Provincial Park up the highway!


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