On Our Way to Liard Hot Springs!

Here is another incredible view of the Rockies going through Canada. We never realized how far north the Rockies actually go!! They extend almost a total of 2000 miles!! Just remarkable!!

This mountain is above an area called Toad River. And yes, there is a Toad River too and it is really pretty. Kinda of a turquoise color.

We must have seen at least 29 caribou along this stretch of the road. This guy (or gal) was right along the side of the highway. Poor thing only had one of it's antlers! We just kept seeing more and more!! It was way cool!!

Later the Alaska Highway goes right along Muncho Lake. Pretty awesome, huh?? We fell in love with this whole area! We look forward to seeing it on our way back in the fall with maybe no snow or ice?? We'll see...

Another picture of Muncho Lake from a rest area on the side of the highway. We had planned on staying at a campground named Strawberry Flats right in this area, but it was still closed. We stopped just outside of the gate though to have lunch and walked through the campground. It was beautiful and we could have even fit! Oh well. We'll have to remember it for later.

The amazing scenery we saw through the Canadian Rockies just kept going on and on! You just never get tired of looking at it all!!

There was a little herd (don't know if that's the right name or not) of stone sheep hanging out along the highway a little before the Liard Hot Springs. Check out the baby in the back. Aren't they just the cutest things??!!! That face is sooooo cute!!

This place was oh so coo or should I say warm??!! These are the Liard Hot Springs! Bobbie had never been in a natural hot spring before and once she went in this one, she was hooked!! Very nice!!! It is a HUGE pool too. They actually have two of them. This is the Alpha Pool and they have a Beta Pool which was more for swimming than just hanging in. It was about 9 feet deep!! This one was more for just hanging out in and actually included benches for sitting in the warm (and hot in places) water!!


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