Side Trip to Haines May 15 - 17, 2009


We decided to take a side trip to Haines which meant we needed to travel south on the Haines Highway out of Haines Junction, to Haines, Alaska and then return to Haines Junction afterwards to continue on the Alaska Hwy. This is a view of Kathleen Lake along the Haines Hwy. Those are the Kluane Mountains in the background.

We saw three porcupines along about a 4 mile stretch of the Haines Hwy. This is the only pic I was able to get. A butt pic is better than no pic at all, right??????

Here's the Chilkoot River that is at the Chilkoot Alaska State Park. We were going to try to stay here, but it was still closed due to too much snow!! But we wouldn't have been able to anyway because we found out (after talking to the camp host also waiting for the campground to open) that we wouldn't have fit with our rig and truck anyway. Still enjoyed the drive out and back to town.

The harbor in Haines was pretty cool!! We ended up eating at a restaurant right here. We decided to eat here early for our up-coming anniversary thinking we'd probably be eating hot dogs in a pull-out or something on the day itself!! Fresh halibut fish & chips!! Mmmmmmmmm!!

Don't really know why I included this pic of the sign in the harbor. Just looked pretty cool to me!


We made our first hike in Alaska!!! It was a pretty easy hike through all these trees and over many, many tree roots out to Battery Point along part of the Gulf Of Alaska. We were very excited to finally get our feet on an Alaska trail!!!!

And here is the view that we were rewarded with as we finally came out of the trees and near the point!

We also visited historic Fort Seward. There are
some stunning buildings, not only still standing, but most are still in use! This is one of the old barracks buildings. There was another, but it burned down to the ground a while back.


As we were leaving Haines on our way back up to the Alaska Hwy, there was one section of the river that was bombarded with Bald Eagles. I know this isn't really a great picture of them, but I include it to try to show just how many there were!! Neither of us had ever seen so many in one place before EVER!!!

We were sad on our way down to Haines because the Million Dollar Falls Campground was closed. Not because we wanted to stay here, but visit the falls. Happily, it was open on our way back through, so we had to stop and check them out! Very awesome!! See Sal down by the creek on the viewing platform? Great place!!!

We drove back into Haines Junction and
continued on the Alaska Highway and then stayed at another Yukon Government Campground. This was called Congdon Creek and here is Kluane Lake from the campground. It was the Canadian holiday long weekend, so we weren't able to get a site right along the lake, but truly enjoyed our stay here anyway. Beautiful!!


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