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Cute Cubs and Beautiful Lake

So, we decided to go for nice hike to a Skilak Lake Lookout and as we were on our way, we saw this beautiful Black Bear with her cubs! When we first saw one of the cubs enter the road alone, it took us both a second to figure out what the heck this fuzzy little thing was!!! We stayed and watched them until they decided to leave us on their own accord. Cutest little things you've ever seen!!!!!!

Here's a photo with the cubs a little more near their mom. They were just so small!!!!!! We wanted to just pick one up and cuddle it, but then our wits came back to us!! ;-)

Skilak Lake is a beautiful color of turquoise! Even though we could see the rain almost all around us, we never got rained on!!

It was an awesome hike!!!

Glaciers, Glaciers, and more Glaciers!!

This post is a little long, but there was just so much to photograph and it's just so amazing to share! We went on a tour to see glaciers out of Whittier. We were very lucky with weather! The whole day and everything with it was just remarkable!!! We had so much fun!!!!!! I was having to pinch myself again! We really are in Alaska and I am living the trip of a lifetime!!

We had to travel through this tunnel that runs through the rock mountain to get to Whittier. It is so narrow that they can only allow traffic to go through from one direction at a time.

They hold traffic up in one direction while allowing the other side to travel through and then in between cars, they run a train through it!!! It was way cool!!

Everywhere we looked above us in Whittier was just another extrodinary view!!

This Steller Sealion was sunning himself along an oil pipeline that laid across the top of the water. He was still there when we came back into port too!!! What the life, huh???!!

There were t…

Razor Clamming

We went digging for Razor Clams for the first time. It was pretty fun, but hard work too. These clams are really big, but they're also really fast as they dig further down in the sand to get away from you once they know you're coming. We both learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

It's hard to tell from this picture without clicking on it to enlarge, but there were people everywhere!!! They were lined up down the beach as far as you could see and there were trucks and jeeps and other four-wheelers all down the beach too!

It was definitely a group effort, but we did pretty good overall. We rinsed them all off in the creek before heading back to the ranch with them.

Sal and his big "catch" of the day! He really did get more than just this one! We almost made it back to the vehicles before it started raining on us!! It was a blast! Cleaning them and getting them ready for clam chowder and fried clam strips came later that day. YYYUUUUUMMMMM!!

Music Festival at the Ranch!

So, every year they thave a music festival here at the Ranch. This year was no exception. It goes on during the Summer Solstice with the midnight sun! Yes, there REALLY is sunshine at midnight! It was fun! Dancing going on, some food, and a few craft booths. It reminded me of a very small like city fair or something. Very, very small but that's what makes it even more fun!

Here's Ronna & Blair, the owners of Diamond M Ranch that we work for. They actually made a "pond" and had paddle boats and canoes going in it during the festival. It was quite the popular item too!!!

I forget what the heck this instrument was called, but it was pretty cool for a while. It had a very unique sound, but after a while it just kept sounding the same. Still way cool to look at though!!!

Sal just couldn't resist going on the Orbitron thingy sending him reeling around in circles!! He went with Blair Martin, the owner of Diamond M Ranch. The two just fed off each other and …

Halibut Fishing in Alaska!!

We got to head out on a halibut charter today! It was a blast!!! It was really interesting that they used tractors to launch all the charter boats into the ocean! Never seen anything like it! It makes sense though and it made it all a very quick and easy way to get out there and then they just reverse it all when you return.

Here's our boat-mates with us at the end of the day. That's Kevin and Casey from Colorado. They were really nice and we had so much fun with them! And I'm not trying to brag or anything, but the halibut that we caught just happen to be the larger of the four hanging! :-) Actually, Sal got the largest of all of them! It was such a fun, fun day!!

We were lucky enough to see this fella along the road on the way home. We saw two other ones on the way to meet the boat but I couldn't get a photo. Actually while we were waiting for captain to show up we watched a mama moose run across the road with twin babies!! They were so adorable!! I jumped…

Quiet Easy Day Today

Sal kind of hurt his back a bit earlier, so we decided to take it easy today. We went for a really short hike early on and then took a nice drive up to Captain Cook Alaska State Park. It was an amazing drive!! Stormy Lake was along the drive. Its only about 30 miles or so from where we're staying. I'm sure we'll make the drive more while we're here looking for any wildlife that might be hiding.

At the very end of the road is this view over Cook Inlet. There's also a campground right out here too. Beautiful!! Apparently, there have been a couple of young grizzlies hanging out, but they were no where around while we were there, much to our disappointment.

The clouds on the other side of the inlet are hovering over Mt. Redoubt, the active volcano that still spews pretty much every day in one way or another. It seems to definitely have it's own weather!

At one corner of the property here there's this trail that heads down to the river. . Earlier in the …

Dog Sleds and Jumping Fish!!

So, yesterday we went on a dog sled ride, sort of. We weren't in the snow or anything, but they had "sleds" that had wheels on them and they would put people on them and have the dogs pull around on a 2-mile loop trail. It was actually pretty cool! A member of the family that owns this place is one of the guys who started the very first Iditarod Race. At least one member (usually more) of the family has run it every year since!!

This guys was still learning since he was really young. They said that he had just had a harness put on him for the first time 3 days earlier. He not only turned around each time we stopped, but he did a bunch while running too! Oh well, they still got the job done.

Needless to say, the scenery was just amazing along the trail!!!!

Here's the whole team. It was pretty warm for them so we had to take a lot of breaks along the way. I felt sorry for them because they had to work so hard, but I'm sure they didn't think a thing about …