Dog Sleds and Jumping Fish!!

So, yesterday we went on a dog sled ride, sort of. We weren't in the snow or anything, but they had "sleds" that had wheels on them and they would put people on them and have the dogs pull around on a 2-mile loop trail. It was actually pretty cool! A member of the family that owns this place is one of the guys who started the very first Iditarod Race. At least one member (usually more) of the family has run it every year since!!

This guys was still learning since he was really young. They said that he had just had a harness put on him for the first time 3 days earlier. He not only turned around each time we stopped, but he did a bunch while running too! Oh well, they still got the job done.

Needless to say, the scenery was just amazing along the trail!!!!

Here's the whole team. It was pretty warm for them so we had to take a lot of breaks along the way. I felt sorry for them because they had to work so hard, but I'm sure they didn't think a thing about it since that's what they love to do.

Couldn't resist holding one of the little ones!! They had four puppies that were about 4 weeks old, I think. They were so cute and cuddly!! Aahh, if puppies could only stay little forever!!

This cute little guy wanted to come out and play!! They did end up letting them out and they ran and ran around like crazy!! These pups were about 9 weeks old.

Someone had told us about stopping at this place along Bear Creek on our way back home, so we had to check it out. Salmon were jumping upstream so they could lay their eggs about a mile further upstream. Never seen so many fish in one place except maybe an aquarium and I still think only maybe then!

I'm not even sure how long we sat there and watched these fish jump and jump!!! It was unbelievable to see!!! It almost seemed more like someone was under water throwing them up. Its hard to believe that fish can actually jump!!

Couldn't resist stopping along the road on the way home to get a photo of this scene!! We keep thinking this seems like a perfect place to see moose or bear, but apparently the wildlife feel otherwise. :7(
Its still a stunning place to look at!! Great note to end the day with.


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