Glaciers, Glaciers, and more Glaciers!!

This post is a little long, but there was just so much to photograph and it's just so amazing to share! We went on a tour to see glaciers out of Whittier. We were very lucky with weather! The whole day and everything with it was just remarkable!!! We had so much fun!!!!!! I was having to pinch myself again! We really are in Alaska and I am living the trip of a lifetime!!

We had to travel through this tunnel that runs through the rock mountain to get to Whittier. It is so narrow that they can only allow traffic to go through from one direction at a time.

They hold traffic up in one direction while allowing the other side to travel through and then in between cars, they run a train through it!!! It was way cool!!

Everywhere we looked above us in Whittier was just another extrodinary view!!

This Steller Sealion was sunning himself along an oil pipeline that laid across the top of the water. He was still there when we came back into port too!!! What the life, huh???!!

There were tons and tons of these waterfalls all over the mountains that surrounded us along our trip! They are so beautiful!!!!

This is the icefield above one of the glaciers that we went to the base of. It goes on for miles and miles and is the head of at least a dozen glaciers!!

More beautiful scenery along the way!

Here's Hidden Falls and it's name says it all! From the direction we came into from, you really couldn't see it until you were right upon it!! I took this as we were leaving.

Except for the snow, some of the scenery reminded me of Hawaii. I know it sounds kind of weird, but it's true. This area of Alaska literally just took my breath away!!!!

Here's what one of the glaciers looked like as we left it to head over to the next! The massiveness of these things coming down to the ocean is just indescribable!!

This little harbor seal was just hanging out on the ice as we passed along. He was just so cute!!!!

The blue ice and layers within was incredible! They even collected some glacier ice and made some margaritas with it! Not that it tasted any different, but of course, we had to get one! How many times in your life will you get to try a glacier ice margarita with real glacier ice??!!!

It wasn't the same as having some huge piece of ice calve (like a Volkswagen) into the water, but it was still large enough to amaze us and the rest of the boat!!!! Way, way cool!!!!

These glaciers were simply magnificent!!! The brownish color on top of the ice is ash left from where Mt Redoubt erupted in the early spring.

It's tough to tell with this photo, but there was a bird rookery next to this waterfall and the rocks in that area. The sound of so many birds was incredible and then when a bunch of them took off in flight, they seem to come from everywhere!!!

And one more waterfall for the road (so to speak)! The scenery was more than just amazing!!!! It was such a great day!!!!


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