Halibut Fishing in Alaska!!

We got to head out on a halibut charter today! It was a blast!!! It was really interesting that they used tractors to launch all the charter boats into the ocean! Never seen anything like it! It makes sense though and it made it all a very quick and easy way to get out there and then they just reverse it all when you return.

Here's our boat-mates with us at the end of the day. That's Kevin and Casey from Colorado. They were really nice and we had so much fun with them! And I'm not trying to brag or anything, but the halibut that we caught just happen to be the larger of the four hanging! :-) Actually, Sal got the largest of all of them! It was such a fun, fun day!!

We were lucky enough to see this fella along the road on the way home. We saw two other ones on the way to meet the boat but I couldn't get a photo. Actually while we were waiting for captain to show up we watched a mama moose run across the road with twin babies!! They were so adorable!! I jumped out to try to get pics of them, but they were too quick! But believe me, I've got a great photo in my mind of the whole thing!!!!!


  1. Bevan caught a HUGE 10" trout the other day. I thought that was impressive... until now! Fish 'n chips time!!!

  2. Wow, hope you had a great Birthday!!!


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