Herding Cattle????

Well, you're never gonna believe what we did today!! We helped the Martin family herd there cattle up into the mountains nearby! First we herded the cattle from the ranch here into two trailers and then headed to another nearby ranch where they had a bunch more cattle. Then we trailered them up into the mountains to a certain point where the road ended and then we had to heard them on foot up to a place they've leased land for years and years and built a small, very basic cabin. It was an interesting day to say the least! This is a photo of where we were herding them at the nearby ranch and loading them up.

This little fella was getting a bit scared so ran to mama for some quick cover. Poor little thing!!

And then if things weren't bad enough for the calf, he got separated from everyone else in the garden. He was having a tough day!!

Actually, we all got yelled at by the owner of the land when the cattle took off into the garden. Cattle don't always listen when we try to tell them to go a different direction!!

They also had a few lambs! Look at that face!!!! Oh so cute!!

After we arrived, we found out that we needed to help schlep a 50 pound salt lick up to the cabin a couple of miles out. Carrol, the grandpa of the family, got Sal all geared up with a backpack that was fit for a guy about 6'2" or so!! Needless to say, it didn't quite fit Sal, or myself, worth a darn! We did manage to get the thing up there all the way though!

The view from the cabin area was incredible!! And the hike back to the trailers wasn't too bad since no one was carrying that stupid salt lick!!

After we got back, then we all went up the road to an area where a patch of fiddleneck ferns were growing and we all picked the tops of these off to bring back. We were told how to cook them up to enjoy and I have to say, when we got to taste them for the first time, they were delicious!!! We've now got a new veggie to eat and enjoy while we're here!!


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