Kenai Fjords National Park Tour

So we went with some of the other campground hosts from here on a boat tour into the Kenai Fjords National Park. Of course we had beautiful weather for days before we went, and then on tour day it was cold and rainy!! Oh well. We still made the best of it!

This little sea otter made a showing before we even left the dock! He was munching away!!!

We saw some harbor seals in one cove. They were adorable!

We went in and out a few coves like this one along the way. Gorgeous!!!! I would love to paddle a kayak through this area! Preferable on a warmer day though!!!

There was bunch of Steller Sea Lions hanging around over here. They were surprisingly quiet. I'm more used to hearing them bark and bark when you see any kind of Sea Lion.

More beautiful views along the route! Here near the glacier, there was so much ice floating around in the water. It was so cool!!

These are all photos of Aialik Glacier in the National Park. The blue in the ice was incredible. This is where we really, really wish that the sun would have been out so that we could have enjoyed the color of the ice even more.

The scenery was still amazing no matter what the weather decided to do. We did get a little rain, but not too much. We mainly just wish that it was a bit warmer.

I wanted to see Puffins in the worst way while we were out, but of course, I only got to see them from far away. This is the best that I could do! Hopefully, I'll be able to get some better ones later. They are just so cute!!!

We saw quite a few humpback whales while we were out. For a while we watch this mom and baby swim around! Wish we got to see their faces but somethings better than nothing.

There was an entire rock wall full of these gulls in this breeding area! I'd never seen this many birds in one place!! The rocks were just solid birds!!!!!!

If you click on the photo, you can see all the birds flying around! It was amazing!

This is what Seward looks like from the water as you come into the harbor. It's a very pretty town. By this time though, we were a bit cold and ready to head back home. It was a really fun trip though!!! We had a blast!!


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