Kenai Peninsula Arrival May 23 - 25, 2009

We left Valdez and headed towards Anchorage. Need to get some work done on our bikes and do some shopping before heading on to Kenai. This is where we stopped to have a little bite of lunch! Nice spot, don't ya think?????

Sal wanted a cup of coffee so we stopped over at this little place along the road. No, this isn't where we bought the coffee, but it was out in the yard there. Cute!!!! Mendeltna Creek Lodge along the Steward Highway.

You could see Matanuska Glacier as you drove right past it. It is HUGE!! Apparently they do guide trips out and across this thing!!! It was quite the sight to behold!!!

So, we stayed in Anchorage on May 24th and took off in the morning to head over to the Kenai Peninsula! Couldn't wait to get out of Anchorage!! Too many people and buildings for us!!!!

From there we drove around a body of water named Turnagain Arm. It was an awesome drive but very crowded due to our timing! Guess we didn't plan ahead very well. You couldn't blame anyone for wanting to be out in the awesome weather though!

We stopped just after crossing over the small part of land separating the Kenai Peninsula from the rest of southeast Alaska! We were on the other side of that body of water just a few minutes earlier! You can see cars in the distance. We were lucky enough to see a moose but way too much traffic to stop for a photo-op there!

It seems that Sal was afraid we'd never make it!! He had to hug the sign!!!!!

It appears from the scenery so far that the Kenai Peninsula is going to be a pretty one!!!

We stopped at a pull-out along the road and saw this small waterfall!! Don't know how long it's there because it wasn't even listed in The Milepost except to say that the pull-out was there! No mention anywhere of a fall. Oh well, lucky for us is what I say!!!!!!!

The color of turquoise in Sixmile River was so remarkable! This is what it looked like as we crossed over it along the highway.

This is the confluence of Sixmile River and Canyon Creek. The scenery is just incredible!!!

The Kenai River!!! It's kind of hard to tell by this picture, but it is also such an amazing color of turquoise! This view of it is seen from the viewing deck of Kenai Princess Lodge. They also run the RV park we stayed at. Very nice indeed!!!!


  1. It looks COLD there.

    Have fun and enjoy it.

  2. Ohmygosh - it looks like you are enjoying some awesome weather! Last summer was so crappy so I'm glad you are seeing beautiful AK with those gorgeous blue skies. Enjoy, enjoy!! If you're still in the area or will be back through, the hike up along the Russian River to Upper/Lower Russian Lake is pretty neat. There's a book called "55 Ways..." that is the local Alaskan's bible for hiking. You might want to pick up a copy.

    Joe - whatever made you think it's cold in Alaska?


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