Music Festival at the Ranch!

So, every year they thave a music festival here at the Ranch. This year was no exception. It goes on during the Summer Solstice with the midnight sun! Yes, there REALLY is sunshine at midnight! It was fun! Dancing going on, some food, and a few craft booths. It reminded me of a very small like city fair or something. Very, very small but that's what makes it even more fun!

Here's Ronna & Blair, the owners of Diamond M Ranch that we work for. They actually made a "pond" and had paddle boats and canoes going in it during the festival. It was quite the popular item too!!!

I forget what the heck this instrument was called, but it was pretty cool for a while. It had a very unique sound, but after a while it just kept sounding the same. Still way cool to look at though!!!

Sal just couldn't resist going on the Orbitron thingy sending him reeling around in circles!! He went with Blair Martin, the owner of Diamond M Ranch. The two just fed off each other and tried to go faster and faster!! Not surprising, I know!

Family fun was had by all! Of course, there had to be a least one child blowing up a glove with his nose, right??????

We even had Santa come visit at the festival! Well, it was really another work-camper working here for the summer, Clayton, who plays Santa down in Florida. What do you think? Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus!

Okay, this is just a little extra photo. So, way back when, on the day we helped transport cows, we also stopped and picked fiddleneck ferns along the dirt road we were on. This is a certain kind of fern where the leaves unravel themselves when they open up in the spring. And we picked the rolled up part of the leaves and gathered them. We were told that you could fix them a few different ways and we tried deep frying them because they said that was the best way to have them. This is what they look like and they were AWESOME!!!!! So, remember that if you're somewhere where they grow! They're great!!


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