Rafting the Kenai River

Yesterday we got to take a rafting trip down the Kenai River. It was so much fun!!! Quite the motley looking crew here! All the way to the left is Craig (our guide), then Mary, Yvonne, Bobbie, Sal, and Glenn. We are all (except for Craig) campground hosts at Diamond M Ranch for the summer. The rafting company provided us all with the rainpants, life jackets, and even rubber boots!! They took excellent care of us all!!!

Towards the beginning of the trip we saw this immature bald eagle sitting in a tree above the river. We also saw quite a few eagle's nest high in the trees. A few were also flying up in the sky circling around. It is so amazing to us how many eagles are everywhere!!! To those who live here, it's almost like looking at another Raven or something. To us they are incredible to look at!!!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best. We got sprinkled on and it was a bit cold, but we had so much fun that it really didn't matter too much. The scenery along the Kenai River was so beautiful and our guide, Craig, was so knowledgeable on the area and all of it's wildlife and history. We all learned a ton from him.

On the trip, we also saw some Harlequin Ducks. They certainly are cute!! We also saw these Common Mergansers along the banks. The female is the one with the reddish head. The other is the male. Apparently the males will be taking off pretty soon. There were actually two pairs hanging out all together.

Here's another photo of the Kenai and the surrounding views. I wish the weather had been a bit better for better photos, but still amazing!

All of a sudden we saw this moose hanging out along the banks of the river. According to Craig, this guy's been making himself seen for a little while now.

As we were driving back home, we saw a grizzly along the side of the road, but couldn't get a picture of it before it took off into the trees. Its amazing the amount of wildlife that we get to see here!!

Okay, see ya after our next trip to somewhere!!!! Back to work tomorrow for a few days. Take care everyone!!


  1. I love following your trips with our atlas! It's like we're there! Nice photos. What a fun summer you're having so far!

  2. Your pictures are unbelievable!!! Glad you are having a great time.


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