Russian River Falls Hike

We took a hike today up to the Russian River Falls. Its really more of a cascade than a fall, but amazingly gorgeous no matter what you call it!! It was almost 2-1/2 miles one way and was a really easy hike through the woods. In late June or early July Salmon come up the river to spawn.

This is looking down river over the cascades. We can hardly wait to come back later in the summer and see (hopefully) salmon jumping up river! It's got to be amazing!!

All of a sudden we saw this little bird swimming around back and forth and under water in the middle of the falls. We couldn't believe the strength it must have had to not get swept over the rocks. In fact at one point, it went underwater and then we couldn't see it again for a long time. We moved to a different location and then found it. It was this little Harlequin Duck. Beautiful bird and strong!!!!

On our way back, we took a side trail that leads over to a backpacking camp about a quarter mile off the main trail. The site sits alongside the Russian River and another small tributary creek. Very nice!!! I could sleep here and wake up to this view!!

This little Arctic Ground Squirrel sat there and had quite the conversation with us! Unintentionally, we interrupted his work and he wanted to make sure we knew it! Cute little guy though!

It was an awesome hike! We had a blast and I'm sure we'll be back again while we're here in Alaska!


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