Trip to Homer

We decided to drive down to Homer today. Along the drive down, there were a few scenic overlooks. From there, you can see across the Cook Inlet to some volcanoes. This is Mount Iliamna. Beautiful!! According to a local from the area, this one hasn't erupted in many, many years, but the others have. It was really hazy over the water. Homer recently had a wildfire that lasted for a few days, so we weren't sure if it was from that, or ash from Mt. Redoubt or what.

Mount Redoubt is still spewing out steam and ash, but not too much. It's incredible to see though. We can actually see it from where we're staying but not quite this well. Most of the snow that still sits on mountain tops all across the Kenai Peninsula are still covered with ash from its original eruption a few months back.

As we're driving down the road, we see a car pulled off on the side of the road and the people looking over their car to the other side of the road. This pretty much means one thing, wildlife! This fella was just hanging out and eating! Way cool.

The Aleutians that went across the horizon from the end of the spit in Homer were stunning! Its just an amazing site! We can't believe how beautiful Alaska is!!

Check out the fish that Sal caught while we were in Homer!!! Pretty cool, huh? Well.......I cannot tell a lie; it's a fake fish that was hanging outside of a charter business along the spit in Homer. Couldn't resist taking a picture!!

Here's the real fish that he caught!! Okay, he really didn't even catch this one! A guy that was fishing gave it to him! It's a flounder. We kept trying to tell the fisherman that we really didn't want to take his fish, but the guy wouldn't take no for an answer! So, we came home with a flounder!!

Everyone kept telling us when we went to Homer, we just had to stop at the Salty Dawg Saloon. So we did! It sits right out on the spit, kind of towards the end. Great location!!

The walls and ceilings inside are completely covered with dollar bills! There are also shirts, hats, and even bras hanging!!

Here's a picture of the spit that we were on from an overview above. We stopped again to have another look as we were heading back home.

Homer's a pretty cool place! Hopefully, we'll return for a halibut fishing trip sometime. It's supposed to be the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!!


  1. Unbelievable. It is so beautiful. Gald all is going well and you are having a great time. :) Sara


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