Trip to Seward

Well, we were going to take a trip to Homer today, but stopped by the park office before leaving and found out that a gentleman had called needing help to move his 5th wheel after his truck broke down, so we set off towards Seward to help him out instead.

It was a gorgeous drive! This pic was taken where the Sterling Highway and the Seward Highway junction.

We have no idea what the name of this falls is. It was located at the far side of town in Seward and was just right along the roadway! It emptied into a creek that went out into Resurrection Bay. There was just a really small turnout along the road to pull into if you wanted to check it out.

Kenai Lake is where the Kenai River has its beginning. Now we know where it gets its good looks!!!!!

We noticed this little wispy cloud that was hanging along some of the Kenai Mountains. You never get tired of looking at them!!

Kenai Lake along the Seward Highway as we were making our way back home. With the mountains in the background, its just such an amazing sight! And again, the water is an incredible color of turquoise!

It was fun to see anew place and we were able to help someone out. All in all a pretty excellent day!!


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