Upper Kenai River Trail

Today, we went for a hike on the Upper Kenai River Trail. Now you would think that we would take a stroll along the Upper Kenai River since it was written up as an easy hike, but we started that way with some of these first pictures and then we hiked up and around and through the woods far enough away from the river that we couldn't even hear it! Eventually, the trail did indeed bring us back to the river, but there for a while we were starting to wonder!

We watched a couple of rafts full of people come down through Kenai Canyon and through some rapids. They were all hooping and hollering! Obviously they were having some fun! We talked about maybe trying to do this float trip later in the summer. It's a gorgeous place!!

All of a sudden we heard a woodpecker somewhere and saw this Hairy Woodpecker doing his thing in the tree. Wish I could have gotten a better photo, but he took off too fast!!

Another view of the Upper Kenai River.

We heard this weird noise that we weren't too sure what it was and so we looked up and lo and behold, there was another bald eagle. It's amazing how many of them are around here!!!!

When we got towards the end of the trail, we saw some fish that were swimming upstream so we got closer to watch and see if we could figure out what kind of fish they were. We had a blast watching them for quite a while. They looked like rainbow trout and we were able to verify that that's probably what they were later on. It was so cool!!! I'd never seen anything quite like it before. They were everywhere!!!!!!!!

The trail down along the river towards the end was so overgrown! We actually ran into a trail crew on our way back up to the truck and they were working on it today and for the next few days. We could tell a lot of work had recently been done in some areas and other areas, like this one, needs a little TLC.

On our way back to the truck, we went on a different part of the trail and the wild roses were amazing!! They were blooming all over the place! The lupines were flourishing as well. It was very cool to see wildflowers!! For some reason it had felt like forever since I had seen any!

So, like I wrote in the beginning of this post, after a little while the trail took this turn and was really, really steep and climbing up and up and into the woods and then through this huge burn area and there was grizzly scat EVERYWHERE, and oh yea, no people around either. We pulled the bear bell out of the pack for that part of the hike!! In the end, it was all so very much worth it all!! We really did enjoy the day and the hike!


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