7/13 & 7/14 Girdwood, Alaska

Okay, so I know I've fallen a bit behind in my blogging, so I'll try to get back up to date with a few posts.

So, we decided to take a break from the ranch and headed over to Girdwood to hang out, do a little camping and go for a great mountain bike ride! The camping was great except for the massive amount of mosquitoes hanging in the campground!

We went to check out a trail called Winner Creek and a lot of the trail was actually boardwalk like this that wound through the trees. It made for a stunning trail ride, but makes you a bit nervous while you're making sure not to wander too much with your front tire, cause if you do, you'll end up falling right off the side!! And then a large part of the trail went right along the side of a mountain too, which was even more mind-blowing! I didn't get photos of that part; I didn't do much stopping there!!!!!! It was all gorgeous!!!!

We didn't realize it until we had started on the trail, but we were riding along the Iditarod Historic Trail. Pretty cool, huh?

The river in this gorge was just so beautiful!! These photos don't even do it justice! It was so much more than either of us had expected.

As part of the bike ride we had to go over this hand tram that went over the river. We each had to load our bike on the outside of the tram box on hooks and then get in and pull! Most of the time there was someone on each end that might help with the pulling, but it really wasn't that bad. Once on the other side, get out and get your bike off the outside. It was so way cool!!! That's Sal coming across in the picture.

As we were riding back through the town to get back to where we had left the truck parked, we watched these hang-gliders jump off the mountain and then float down to the ground. Can you imagine what this view must look like from up there!! Has to be incredible!!

After our bike ride, we took a gondola ride up to the top of Aleyeska Resort and took a hike around a mountain top trail. Well, more like up and then back down the mountain top trail; which I was surprised that we were both up to the task after the bike ride!

But, the views across the top were just amazing!

I took this picture as we were leaving town. The wildflowers are blooming like crazy up here which has been giving my camera a real workout! I won't bore everyone with pics of them all, but I had to at least include one! I've been having fun trying to ID all the new flowers.

Okay, more photos and more updates to follow!!


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