7/15/09 Exit Glacier

So after fighting the mosquitoes for two nights, we decided to take off out of Gridwood and headed down towards Seward to see Exit Glacier inside Kenai Fjords National Park. It's the only place inside all of the National Park that you can drive to. Besides we found a great campground inside the nearby National Forest that had hardly any of the little biting insects!!

This is the first view we got of the glacier. It's a pretty awesome site to turn around the corner to see. A moderate hike up to the side of it was well worth the view! Nature still amazes me as if I were a small child. Cool shit!!!

Here's looking up the side of the glacier. The depth of the ice was unbelievable! We could hear it cracking and separating! It was pretty wild!!

Check out the blue ice in the crevices! To see it up close was incredible! It's so beautiful!!

Here's what the glacier looked like from the front. It's amazing to see how much it has retreated over the years! Where these photos were taken from was the toe of the glacier just about 10 - 15 years ago!

Here's some of the melt from the glacier coming down to make Exit Glacier. The sediments coming down add up to a few inches a year, every year! They then use a lot of this for construction projects in the nearby town of Seward.

And then after a great day checking out glaciers, we came back to camp and Sal BBQ'd us up some jalapenos with cream cheese on the inside and bacon on the outside. Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Nice appetizer and then a little halibut and potatoes with onions on the grill for dinner. We eat well while we're camping!!!


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