Salmon Fishing along Russian River

We went salmon fishing for the first time while here this last week. We couldn't believe the number of people all trying to fish in one location!! They call it "combat fishing" and for very good reason! I got tangled with other people and came close to getting hit in the eye with someone else's hook! Yikes!!!! And we didn't even catch any fish! Well, we each had one on our respective lines, but they released themselves before we could get to the side of the river. Still had tons of fun!!

And of course in the area that we weren't allowed to fish in, the salmon were literally just hanging out together and catching some rest!!! They've got a lot of hard work ahead of them!!!

Well, even if we didn't catch fish, the scenery was still beautiful!

This black bear actually scared the shit out of me! I heard a noise above me and so turned around and up above me on the hill was this guy! He was looking right into my eyes too!!!! Then it kind of snorted and started moving down the hill towards me! And kept staring me into the eyes the whole time!! I said something like, "Holy shit!" and started to back up and it kept on coming down to the trail! It finally took off into the water and crossed to the other side. Wheew!! Glad that ended the way it did!!!!!!!

Then a few minutes later, this grizzly decided to grace us with its presence. It came across the river and then went back into the river. Everyone stopped fishing, at least for a bit, to watch. Can you blame them??!!!!!! To say it was magnificent is such an understatement!!!

It decided it wanted a little bite to eat from the river. I couldn't stop watching!!! I was like a kid in a candy store!!!!!! Wide-eyed!!!

After fishing and before we left the area completely, we headed over to the Russian River Falls to see if we could see the salmon jumping upriver.

And sure enough, there they were!! If you enlarge the photo, it becomes easier to see that there are actually two salmon jumping here! Talk about survival of the fittest!!! They have to hang and live in the ocean, then come back upriver, past all the fisher-people, bears, eagles, etc. to keep coming up and then finally lay their eggs so they can die. Nature still amazes and fascinates me, even after all these years!!!!!!!!!


  1. WOW, I'm sure glad your posting pictures. This way I get to see it but I don't have to get COLD while I see it.

    Looks like you two are having a BLAST, keep it up.

    We will see you sometime when you get back to the warmer world.


  2. Our internet has been down forever (suprise,suprise) so I'm finally catching up on your adventures and I'm so jealous. I think you should get rid of the cats and have me and Huntley for pets instead so we can come along!


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