08/19/09 Delta Junction

We left Fairbanks and headed towards Delta Junction, but of course you can't just drive through North Pole without stopping!! We had to make a stop at the Santa Claus House!

Needless to say the town of North Pole is pretty much all about Christmas. The light poles in town all look like big candy canes and all the businesses have Christmas lights on them. We ate lunch in Wendy's and it was all decorated for Christmas inside. It's pretty wild!

All the sides of the building were all painted up with all kinds of different scenes.

And of course, they had to have the requisite Reindeer. They looked pretty sad to me.

Here's another place, just outside of Delta Junction, where the Alaska Pipeline extended over a river. Over this river, it had it made up it's own suspension bridge! Pretty amazing.

The official end of the Alaska Highway is in Delta Junction!

Outside of the visitor center were a couple of the state's bird!! Okay, well maybe not really, but they do have some huge ones!!! I've never gotten so many mosquito bites on my head as I've had here!! OUCH!

Across from the visitor's center was the Sullivan Roadhouse. It was built in 1905 and is the oldest roadhouse in Interior Alaska. It was way cool to walk through and imagine all that happened here during the Gold Rush!

In all the roadhouses they would have these racks over the wood burning stoves where guests would hang all of their wet clothing, gloves, boots, etc. so that they could dry out. This place was way interesting!


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