08/20/09 - 08/21/09 Delta Jct to Kenny Lake & back "home"

A while after leaving Delta Junction, we came up and over a hill and saw this view in front of us! It took our breath away!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!

This is Donnelly Dome. For years, the mountain has been used to predict the weather. "The first snow on the top of the Donnelly Dome means snow in Delta Junction within 2 weeks." Lucky for us it was still not white!!!

This mountain is called Rainbow Ridge. It get it's name from all the different colored talus slopes.

Gulkana Glacier is in the backdrop of this photo along with ponds in front in the flats. Gorgeous

The Alaska Range behind Summit Lake was quite the site!! The snow has definitely started to fly at the higher elevations!!

This is an all-log church that was built in Copper Landing in 1943. Unfortunately, it wasn't open so we could go inside, but it sure was way cool to look at from the outside. Even the bell tower was made of branches etc and the bell itself came from an old steam locomotive in Pennsylvania!

We drove down towards Wrangell - St. Elias National Park from Cooper Landing, but at our next destination, we got a terrible phone call letting us know that the Martin's (the family we work for) had lost their nine-year old son, Matti, to a terrible accident. Because of this news, we immediately returned to Diamond M Ranch to help in any way possible. We've been here since.

Life is precious and way too short!! Be sure to let those you care about know you care! Carpe Diem ~ Sieze the Day! Go for it now!! The future is promised to no one!! Love to you all!!


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