8/3/09 - 8/6/09 Resurrection Pass Trail

So, Ronna Martin, one of the owners of Diamond M Ranch made us an offer that we just couldn't refuse!! She kept telling us about Resurrection Pass Trail and how amazing it is. The problem is that it is 36 miles long!! Then she came up with the awesome idea of using horses to pack across the trail!! The Martin's supplied the horses and the guide (Ronna) and we headed up the trail!! This was a trip of a lifetime to say the least!! I wasn't able to take as many photos as I normally would due to the fact that we were moving along most of the time and even when we did stop, my horse wasn't in to standing still, if ya know what I mean. I know we'll never forget this though!!!

Juneau Falls is about 4 miles up the trail. We had talked about hiking up here, but was always hoping that we'd be able to spend more time going further up the trail so kept putting it off until we knew one way or another if we'd be able to do the rest of the trail.

This is Juneau Lake. There are actually public-use cabins around this lake and other gorgeous places along the trail.

Juneau Creek. Beautiful area!!!

Here's Sal on Rose, his ride. We're gonna make a cowboy outta him yet!!!!

This is Ronna on Dazzle.

Here is Claire on TJ and DeAnne on Didgery. This was Didg's first trail ride and only the second time he had ever been ridden! All things considered he did an incredible job!!!

This is Harry's Cabin that we stayed in for two nights. Harry was a miner that built this in late 1910's to early 1920's. Considering it rained for most of the day that we stayed here, we were very happy to not be sitting in tents somewhere. We were also able to have a nice cozy fire in the wood-burning stove and sat around playing cards and reading. We also took off up the mountain while it wasn't raining too bad to pick wild blueberries! Mmmmmmmm! I feel blueberry muffins coming on!!!!!

Here I am with Lightning, my buddy for the week! He was very fun!! It was raining on the day we left the cabin and headed towards the end of the trail. Hence, my lovely non-matching outfit for the day.

The last few miles of the trail traveled along Resurrection Creek. We were even able to see the salmon making their way up stream! It was way cool!!

This was the last bridge that we had to cross over to get to the truck and trailer. Whew! Not a very wide bridge to have to cross with horse and packs! I think they were all too tired to be concerned!

This was a pretty long day, but it was an awesome trip!!!


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