8/8/09 Fishing out of Seward

Early in the summer, we went over towards Seward to help a fellow RVer in need. His truck had broken down and he needed someone to tow his fifth-wheel to a storage location. We hadn't been there yet, so we went and did so. Unknown to us when we agreed to help out, Ralph owns a boat that he keeps in Seward in the summer and he invited us out to fish during the Silver Salmon Derby. We figured we wouldn't bag the winning fish, but would at least have a little fun trying! We had no idea just how much fun it would end up being!!! We had a fabulous time!!!!!! It started out really overcast and looking like it might rain, and then the sky opened up and the sun came out bright!!!!!!

We headed out early on the American Maid for a great day of fishing!!

Ralph and his wife Sharron were our wonderful hosts and captains along our journey into the Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska.

Cheryl, Ralph & Sharron's daughter, and her boyfriend Eric came along on the trip too. They were so much fun to hang out with!

Eric caught this Stingray! It was pretty gnarly!!! We were going for Halibut! He fought and fought with it and then all of sudden, this came up instead!!!!

This fella was watching us from above as we floated by. I never get tired of seeing Bald Eagles!!!!!

We actually caught 18 Silver Salmon between four of us!!! It was incredible!! Here's Sal with a couple of the bigger ones.

Not that I had a clue what it was when I was actually pulling it up out of the water, but here's a Black Bass and according to Cheryl, the biggest one that's been caught from this boat. YEAH!!!!!!

The scenery was simply stunning!!!!!! The day cleared up so wonderfully!!!

On our way back, while Eric was filleting fish, we had a bunch of these little guys following behind waiting for the fish waste to be tossed overboard!

After our day, we all got together at Ralph & Sharron's for BBQ'd fish and a "sealing party" to vaccum seal all the fish for freezing. We had a total blast all day!!!!!


  1. I'm glad you are having a blast up there. Keep sending the pictures and stories.

  2. Love the pic of Sal on the horse. That is really cracking me up!!!


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