09/18/09 - 09/21/09 Dawson City to Stewart, BC

So, at this point, we left Dawson City, Yukon and headed down the rest of the Klondike Highway and then over to the Cassiar Highway which was more new territory for us on our trip south.

Here is the Yukon River, which we traveled along for quite some time as we left Dawson City. The continuation of the fall colors were still so incredible!!

While we were in Dawson City we watched a video on the area and its history and learned about this location along the Yukon River. Five Finger Rapids was named by early miners for the 5 channels, or fingers, formed by the rock pillars. They used to bring really large ships through this area, which was quite hazardous.

Aeroplane Lake with some hills behind. The views along this highway were just so awesome!

I couldn't even find a name for this waterfall along the highway anywhere. As pretty as it is, this surprised me. Oh well. I still enjoyed it just the same!

Here are the Cassiar Mountains above the fall colors. It just looked so gorgeous!

Looking up Burrage River.

This is looking down Devil Creek. The Cassiar Hwy has a ton of creek and river crossings along it. Beautiful!!!

Nice little waterfall along the side of Cassiar Highway. The fall colors have only just begun around this area. It was very noticeable that as we traveled further south the colors got greener and greener.

Here's Bear Glacier as it flows down into its lake.

Apparently they've filmed a few movies here. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as good as it could be. The blue in it was amazing!

This was actually along a side trip that we did to Stewart, BC and to Hyder, AK. This drive was just so amazing! Definitely worth the time!!! More photos from this to follow in the next post!!


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