9/15/09 - 9/16/09 Kenai to Chicken, Alaska

Okay, I've gotten a little behind in my blogging, so I'm going to do a few entries to catch back up. I was going to try to do them all at once, but I couldn't pare down the pics that far. Way too beautiful of a drive back south! Check out the scenes!

Gorgeous scenery along the road!! Those are our friends, Glen and MaryJane in front of us. We traveled with them for quite a few miles and had a great time! The trees changing into fall were incredible along the way! So much more than we ever expected! We couldn't stop saying wow ot each other as we drove!

Couldn't resist taking a pic of the rig with all those colors behind it! Nice place for a lunch stop!

I just couldn't believe this view! It's a lake right along the road and then with those fall trees surrounding it! Wow!

We saw this same glacier on our way into Alaska, but it sure looks different now! The trees definitely add something more and when we came through before, with it being so early spring, there was a LOT more snow too!

This is one the mountains in the Wrangell - St. Elias Mountains covered in snow. Incredible sight!!!

It was so cool to see the snow above the fall colors! The views were so amazing!

And then here is the lovely town of Chicken, Alaska! With a name like Chicken, ya gotta go check it out, right?! And yes, that is the entire downtown area in that photo! Of course, there had to be a saloon! We actually meant to go check out the saloon the night we were there, but after setting up camp and earing dinner, we forgot.

Later that night, we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights! It was so exciting! Words cannot do the experience any justice! According to those who've seen many Northern Lights, what we saw was "not that good" but to those of us who've seen none before, it was unbelievable, stupendous, amazing, and down-right just bitchin'!!!


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