9/16/09 Top of The World Highway

After visiting Chicken, we drove up and over the Top of The World Highway which takes you through to Canada. Almost all of the road was dirt/gravel so the going was slow, but the views were pretty astounding!

Although we had a whole lot of clouds, we were very happy to not get any rain as we traveled up and over.

The road looked as if it went on and on right into infinity!!

Then we arrived in a place called Boundary, AK. Unfortunately, it shut down in the last year or two. It was actually the oldest roadhouse in Alaska though!! Sad that it shut down, but it was still fun to check out!

A photo to show how much it really does seem that you are indeed driving up and over the top of the world!!!!!

And another one.

I thought it was remarkable that there was even anyone at the Canadian Border when we got there!! They do actually close it down though for the winter! I can see why!!

The highway ends at the Yukon River and then the only way across is to take this free ferry that they have there. I was very surprised at how small this thing was! That's our friends already loaded on there with their fifth-wheel. We couldn't believe that they really wanted us to get up on there too at the same time!!! Our rig is pretty darn heavy, ya know??!!

This is what it looked like looking out our rear view mirror! Not much room for error!! Yikes!!

In the long run, we all made across the Yukon and no one sunk in the water, so I guess they really did know what they were doing!! On to Dawson City!!


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