Saying Goodbye to Alaska


So, we're winding things down and getting ready to leave our Alaska home and head back south to the "lower 48." We've had an amazing time here and done so many incredible things! We've also met some wonderful new friends! Before we pack up and drive away, of course I HAD to take a few more photos of the views around the ranch.

This RV Park is like no other I've ever seen. This is an aerial view of the park with the big building of different colors being where the office sits and there are suites in that building that they rent out to guests as well. On the far right, there is one of their cabins that they also rent out and then there's also the RV park itself.

The kids of the Martin family would make homemade cinnamon rolls (mighty fine ones) on Friday nights and then sell them with coffee or hot chocolate Saturday mornings from this two-story People Mover Bus.

This is the one and only garden I've ever seen where the veggies are growing inside tires!!!

They have a large viewing deck that overlooks the Kenai Flats. There are remarkable views out towards Kenai and of part of the Alaska Mountains.

This is Mount Redoubt. It is an active volcano with its most recent eruptions being in 1966, 1989, and recently in early 2009. The damage and loss of revenue from ash & debris during the 1989 eruption, made it the second most costly eruption in US history.

Mount Spurr beyond the city of Kenai. It is the highest volcano of the Aleutian arc. It's last eruption was in 1992.

These are the Kenai River Flats. You can see the mountains in the far background. Most of the time, like here, there was quite a bit of haze around them.

And there's the Kenai River. World record salmon have been caught in that river. Unfortunately, not by us!! :-(


As we were driving back to the ranch, we looked over along the Kenai Flats next to the river and saw the herd of Caribou that live in the area. Unfortunately, we had to wait a while for them to finally get up and move around.

There were quite a few young ones in the group. The total count of the herd was somewhere around 13 or 14.

This was the large male of the herd. He is so beautiful and just amazing to watch!! Once they all got up and started to roam a bit, the show began!

The two younger males were practicing their skills to maybe try to take over as the big male in charge.

But, let there be no mistake on who is really in charge in the Kenai Flats!!

We definitely enjoyed the show! We actually stayed there and watched it all over a period of 1 hour and 45 minutes!! Hopefully, the wildlife along our trip south will be this cooperative with there showings!! We'll keep the good thought!!!!!


  1. It's always hard when the summer adventure starts to wind down. What fun you've had! Ready for snow? I bet they'll have it up there before you leave. Please bring it with you. Did you hear DV was ranked #1 AGAIN?!


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