09/22/09 Hyder, Alaska

So, we took the drive down the road towards Salmon Glacier in Hyder, Alaska. There were waterfalls coming down on both sides of the valley. With glaciers and snow up above, all the meltoff just shows up in the most beautiful way down below!!

Even though we were in Alaska, this area was actually part of a rain forest. It doesn't seem like it should be, but who knew!! This moss was hanging down from many of the trees. It was cool!!

We stopped by Fish Creek, which is where you're supposed to be able to see bears hanging out a lot eating the salmon that come up the creek. We waited and waited, but no bears came to visit. This crane was fun to watch though!!

So, we gave up and kept driving up the road and then this bear was just walking along the road!! We watched it for a little bit and then it walked into the bushes. We moved the truck and then just waited a few seconds and out it came again behind us! I jumped out and took pics and it just kept walking towards me. It sure is a magnificent creature!!!!

Another awesome waterfall along the side of the road. I'm telling you! They really were EVERYWHERE!!!!

The road continued out to Salmon Glacier. It actually went up and kind of above the glacier itself. This thing was huge!!!

The fact that the road went up in elevation made it kind of the next best thing to a flight-seeing tour above the glacier. It was way cool!!!!!

The weather eventually cleared up and it was just a beautiful day!!

As you looked up and around, the mountains were covered with glaciers and ice.

The clouds behind the mountains just looked so pretty!

On our way back towards home, I looked over and saw this amazing scene!! Is that gorgeous or what??!!!! This pond is actually at a still active mine in the area.


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