9/23/09 to now -- Stewart, BC to enter into the US!

So, as we were leaving Stewart, we still got to see so many more waterfalls along the sides of the canyon! They were all so wonderful!

Here is Moricetown Falls on the Bulkley River in Moricetown. It was all so gorgeous!!

If you look more closely at the pic to the left, you'll see walkways and that orange thing is a little shelter. This is all there so that the First Nations can dip-net fish here. We watched for a little bit and they were catching some nice Silver Salmons!

This water wheel was downtown as we passed through the town of Quesnel, BC. I just thought it looked pretty cool.

We stopped in the town of 100 Mile House (yes, that really is the name of the town) to stretch our legs and take a little hike up to Bridge Creek Falls.

Later, we took a little side road out to this chasm. At the close of the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago, a stream fed by melitng ice cascaded over a falls forming this chasm by cutting into some of teh lava flows that helped to build the Fraser Plateau. Individual lava flows are shown here by the horizontal layering. It was very cool to see!

At least our last day through Canada included a drive through Fraser Canyon. It is a beautiful canyon with Thompson River flowing down the center.

Another incredible view of the canyon and river.

There were a bunch of people rafting down the river and even a few in kayaks. Looked like a ton of fun!!!

Then we finally arrived at the US Border. There was definitely some sadness to this feeling as if our exciting trip up north has now come to a close. Back to reality! Alaska was amazing!!!!!!!!!

And now we sit in northern Washington, with it raining outside, and make arrangements to have our slide looked at at the local Camping World and have new tires put on the house. Like I wrote earlier, back to reality.

No, seriously for now (after the Camping World visit) we will be beginning a trip further south to stop and see family and friends between here and southern California. I'll update along the way!
Hugs to all!


  1. Looks like you have had a wonderful visit to Alaska-one item scratched off the "bucket list". Hope to see you on the road. Bobbie and Jim


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