Washington to SoCal & Waterfalls in between!!!

I've been a little remiss in my blogging over the last couple of weeks. Been busy visiting family and friends along our southward trip. I'll try to catch you up on photos though. We left Washington and headed into Oregon to see Grandma in her new place.

The Columbia River was beautiful!! It seperates Washington and Oregon.

See the tunnel on the other side of the Columbia River there? Well, we found out after we had already traveled a couple of hours that those things weren't tall enough for our rig to drive through!! Our fault though because we actually do have a map atlas that lists low clearances. If we had only read ahead!!! Thankfully, there was a bridge that took us over to the side we could actually drive on. And can you believe it?? The name of the bridge is Bridge of the Gods! Must answer all kinds of prayers! ;-)

We stayed in a county campground just outside of this little bitty town of Moro, Oregon. We were amazed that there was even an RV park there and then this wonderful sunset blew our minds! Is that beautiful or what????!!!!

After seeing Grandma, we headed further south and stayed just outside of Crater Lake. We stayed at an awesome RV Park where the really nice owner told us of all kinds of waterfalls and cool places to visit in the area. We saw as much as we could that afternoon and then headed into Crater Lake NP the next day before the hellacious rains started!!!!

Another remarkable sunset! We drove and drove up this one dirt road to see the view at the top (on the advice of the nice RV park owner) and this sunset was the best part!!

We also saw many breath-taking waterfalls and watched (and photographed!) the Rogue River through the gorge and under rock and everything! I thought you might just enjoy seeing the pics instead of reading all the specifics for each place. Enjoy!!

Don't forget, you can click on each collage to view larger and that way you can really see the amazing things we got to!!

We were so excited to see Crater Lake again. We visited it for the first time during our honeymoon. It was due to storm the day after we were there, so we were a little disappointed when we first got there and got our first glimpse of it. The whole lake was very covered with haze!

Now, don't get me wrong. It's still beautiful no matter what!!! As the day went on, the sun came through a bit more so by the afternoon, it looked more like we remembered!

Here is what it looked like the last time we were there almost seven years ago. Obviously a different time of year, but the weather made the lake AMAZING!!!!!!! That's what we really missed this time was the incredible reflection you get when the weather is clear!

Now we are currenly in SoCal visiting more family and friends! Here is where we originally started this wonderful RV journey of ours!! I'm not taking many pics while here yet, but I'll update with more when I can.
Love & hugs to all!!


  1. How soon until you are in Utah? We can't wait to see you!

  2. We will be in Utah the first week of November. We can't wait to see you all too!!!


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