Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park



So, we spent the day yesterday at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  We had never heard of this park before, but I came across some info on it online and made the decision to check it out.  What a beautiful place!!!!  If you’re ever in the area of Montrose or Gunnison, Colorado I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!




Here’s the view down to the Gunnison River from the Pulpit Rock Overlook.







Canyon wall from Cross Fissures. 




This is called Painted Wall.  It is the tallest cliff in Colorado.  It is 2300 feet tall.  If the Empire State Building stood on the canyon floor, it would stand just slightly more than halfway to the top of the cliff.  The patterns on the wall were created more than a billion years ago!!!




It is so amazing!!





All the Pinyon Pines are so cool too.  They have always fascinated me! 






We heard that rafting along this river is incredible.  I’m sure the view along the way has to be awesome!!










And the views of the mountains above the canyon were also beautiful!!





We took a hike out to one of the highest points along the canyon.  This is the view we got at the end.  Amazing!!!


After we got done exploring the top of the canyon, we decided to take the East Portal Road that takes you down to the river. 


This is the sign that greets you at the top.  You gotta make sure your brakes are in good condition to get down and your vehicle is in good condition to get you back up!!




Not only was the road steep, but very windy too!  It was kinda fun though. 




As your driving down and down, it feels like the road goes on forever!!






You do finally arrive at the bottom though.  Phew!!!




Back in the early 1900’s there was a town here with about 250 people while they built a tunnel through the rock to take water from the river and divert it to the valley to be used for farming and such. 


Here’s another photo of the same location in 2008.  After the tunnel was completed, as people moved away, the town was just kind of dismantled. 


After visiting this area of the park, we drove over to Cimarron where there is a dam and some railroad exhibits. 





Here is Morrow Point Dam.  It is also a power plant. 





Then we took a short walk down to the river here.  There were two side creeks entering the river.  It was pretty cool to see how the one on the left mixed in.  The contrasting colors were pretty cool!!



Here’s what the other side creek looked like just up from where it entered the river. 




In 1882, the narrow gauge railroad was laid through part of the canyon.  This is part of the original tracks and trestle that the train crossed over. 




Here’s the plaque on the train engine.  It dates all the way back to 1882.  Can you believe it??!!!  Way amazing!!!!

Anyway, as I already said, if anyone is ever in the area of this great park, take the time to check it out!!!!


Happy Trails everyone!!!


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