Horsefly Brewery Montrose, CO

IMG_2447 For any of you who like a good beer and find yourself in Montrose, CO, I highly recommend a stopover at the Horsefly Brewery.  It’s a little tiny place that just began in September 2009, but who is also already moving to a larger location because of their popularity. 



It’s very welcoming with tables both inside and out and even big arm chair too. 




If you can figure out how to get this golf ball on the tee inside the globe, you can even get a free beer!  Sal tried, but no luck.  A few others got it while we were there though.



The people here are awesome along with the beer!  Here’s one of the owners, Melanie, along with her daughter.  Sal’s enjoying the beer!!




This is Dwayne.  He’ll cook up some fine grub while you’re there!  The homemade cheese fries rock!!




The decor inside is so cool too.  There’s all kinds of stuff to read while you’re using the restroom!  I just had to go back to take pics!









We also met some great people while we were there too.  Here’s Kim & Ken.  They have a job where they travel the country too.  We had a great time visiting!!!




We lucked out and they even had live music while we were there.

It was a great time!! And the beer was awesome!!  We weren’t the only ones who thought so either.  When we arrived, they had 5 beers on tap.  Before we left, they were already down to two!! 

Check it out if you can!  Happy trails to everyone!!


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