Last Few Days

So, we left Montrose the other day and headed to Buena Vista, CO and hung out there so we could meet up with our friends for lunch in Salida. IMG_2479

Along the way from Montrose, we passed along the largest lake in Colorado. Blue Mesa Reservoir.


The views were beautiful!!!


Then, of course, we drove through some more awesome mountains!

The next day we met up with our friends, Bobbie & Jim Chapman in Salida for lunch. I couldn’t get my camera to work while we were there. Once I was home, I was trying to figure it out. Realized I forgot to put the battery back in it!! DUH! Anyway, lucky for me, Bobbie brought her camera with her. Thanks Bobbie!!

BobbieSalTumolo Apr2010 (1)[8]

BobbieSalTumolo Apr2010 (5)[5]

After a great tour from Jim of the town of Salida, CO, we headed back towards Buena Vista and drove around the area.


We just started driving towards the mountains to see what we could see.


We saw some awesome mountain views and beautiful creekside views.



Ran into this little guy while I was walking to the creek for better pics! I almost stepped on it!!!!


These guys were just oh so cute!!!!


It was a great way to end our great day!!

IMG_2548Today, we left Buena Vista and headed to Cheyenne, WY. Scenery was a lot flatter than we’ve been used to.


Still very pretty though.


We pulled into a place to stay tonight called Terry Bison Ranch. Yes, they really have bison here!


They also have camels!! And horses, mules, goats, llamas, cows, peacocks, chickens, and ostriches!! It’s kind of a crazy place!


I think they do a bunch of school programs and stuff. Off to Casper tomorrow!

Happy Trails everyone!!


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