Our almost newest update

Well, this really isn't our newest update since this was really written before the one about Mesa Verde, but I was having problems with Live Writer posting this one earlier, so now they are turned around. Oh well. No big deal really. Enjoy both!

2009.2010 Season Foremen So, here is our latest update. I know it’s been a while. When we’re in Park City and working we keep so busy that it’s hard to keep up on the blog. Our ski season at Deer Valley was a good one. We saw a bunch of our old friends and also met a bunch of new ones this season.

Click on the link to check out all the photos. We had Lifty Olympics and parties to get together. We also got to do some new things like drive Snowmobiles!


As you can see, Bobbie definitely had some fun with this activity!! IMG_1660 But don’t start thinking that Sal enjoyed it any less! We both got to drive these things on a regular basis during the season! :-)!!

IMG_1716 We also attended a fundraiser for the local avalanche dogs and Sal one a new pair of skis!!! These skis are much better in the Utah powder than the ones he had before. Luckily he won them early enough in the season to get plenty of use out of them before we left.

Bobbie had some knee surgery while we were there, but was only out of work for two weeks, and she was back on skis in only four weeks!! It was a leftover effect from an injury from last year. The knee is doing great now and is ready for some summer backpacking!!!

We left Park City and are now currently in Cortez, Colorado. I’ll do another post on our trip to Mesa Verde National Park. Take care everyone!!


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