San Juan Skyway to Telluride

We drove along the San Juan Skyway up to Telluride and then back to Cortez.  It was an amazingly beautiful drive!  We started at 6200’ elevation and climbed to over 11,000’ and being surrounded by mountains over 13,000’!  



We drove along the Dolores River for much of the drive.






As we got higher in elevation, we had a lot more snow around.




That rock sticking up above the rest is called Lizard Head Peak.  Pretty cool, huh?









The photo above and the two pictures below are taken at Lizard Head Pass which was the highest elevation that the road took us over.  It was just incredible!!

















More amazing views further along the road!  IMG_1986





This is the view just before we IMG_1994got into Telluride itself.  The town is ahead and the foot of the mountains covered in snow in the back and to the right in the photo.  It was so beautiful!!






The town itself is an old mining town and is mostly a ski town now.  There were some really cool old buildings built in the 1880’s. 


Like this movie theater that they still use today.







And this old hotel.





And here is the Court House that was built in 1888. 




The whole town sitting amongst the mountains was just so incredible!  We enjoyed it so very much!




At the end of the road is an old mine surrounded by nothing but beauty!




And it is hard to see without enlarging the photo, but here is Bridal Veil Falls within the snow.  Notice the house up at the top of the rocks!  Awesome!




As we were leaving town, we took a little side road and saw these old barns and house.  I just fell in love with them!


Tomorrow, we head over to Durango to check it out.  Take care and happy trails everyone!!


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