Sinks Canyon State Park Wyoming

We left Cheyenne and stopped over in Casper, WY and have now landed in Lander for a little bit before heading to Grand Teton National Park.


We had some beautiful scenery along the way!



We also saw some pretty cool wildlife along the way! We saw so many Pronghorn, we lost track of numbers!! I just love the way they look!!


These Bald Eagles were in a lake just across the street from where we’re staying in Lander. Beautiful!!!!!!

Today, we visited Sinks Canyon State Park and were fascinated by them!


This is the “Sinks” which is a series of cracks & crevices in the back of this cavern.


The water of the Popo Agie River flows into this and disappears underground for the next 1/4 mile.


Then then the water comes back into the “Rise” but it takes two hours for the water to travel that 1/4 mile!! They sill don’t know why it takes so long. More water flows out than flows in too.


Here’s the power plant that provided electricity to Lander until 1955.

It was really a great day, except for the cold!! It even snowed on us a bit while we were there. We’re hoping for more sun tomorrow!!

Happy trails everyone!


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