What a Day We Had!!!

Well, who would have thunk??!!  We woke up to a surprise yesterday morning!!  IMG_2057

We both were shocked by the white scene outside the windows!!  IMG_2056




It was quite pretty, but we thought we left this behind!!!



We got over our shock and headed into Durango as we originally planned.  Of course this was after much thinking and looking at maps and thinking some more about the route we are planning to take in the morning to our next destination.



We spent our time in Durango in the historic district.  There were a lot of beautiful old buildings, like this hotel building. 






We stopped and had some lunch at the Carver Brewing Co.  It’s actually Durango’s 1st 100% wind-powered brewery!  Pretty cool, huh?  Who’d have thought you could be so green while you drink beer?



Then we stopped in this beautiful hotel so Bobbie could use a restroom.  Wow!!  The woodwork was incredible!


We decided to check out the route that we planned to take Friday with the house since the weather report we saw is still calling for a chance of snow.  This took us along the rest of the San Juan Skyway.  This side was even more beautiful than the other part we saw when we went to Telluride.



We saw amazing views as we started north from Durango.





There was a lot of low clouds along the tops of the mountains, but still beautiful!



IMG_2112 Creeks along the route definitely added to the scenery!



Although ALL the scenery was awe-inspiring!!






We stopped to check out the historic town of Silverton along the way.  This City Hall was built in 1908! 





At this point, we kept thinking, “no big deal.  We can do this with the house.  The road’s a little narrow in places, but we can do it!”



Then after a while, the road began to get a lot more winding!  We still thought it was okay though. 





The views continued to be amazing!





Then we started seeing these signs along the road.  A LOT of these signs along the road!




The views still continued though!!



Then we saw this sign that said you had to go even slower because the turns were even tighter!!



The views got more and more amazing!!




BUT, we did decide that we would take a different route Friday with the house!!!  So glad we drove it though because it was so beautiful!!!!!



During our day, we saw this little bighorn sheep, five herds, or parts of herds, of elk and a group of deer. 




We also got rained on, snowed on, and hailed on too.  Wow!!  What a day we had!!

We’re off to Gunnison, CO today.  Wish us luck!!  Take care and happy trails everyone!!


  1. Looks a lot like that DIRTY FOUR LETTER word, *C*O*L*D*, and no signs of the 70's.

    I saw enough of the white stuff when I had to shovel it and work out in it, so we will hang in FL until ALL CHANCE of that stuff falling is over.

    I am glad you two are getting to see, share and enjoy the terrific sights. THANKS

  2. Yea, that was the Million Dollar Highway you were on, I think. It takes you from Durango, Silverton and on to Ouray. It is a scarry SOB to be sure. Definitely not a road to take with a "house" trailing behind you.

    So happy we will have a chance to see you both for lunch Monday in Salida. Can't wait!!!


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