Bobbie’s Finally Working!!!

Well, since we finally had some nice weather for a little while, we were able to wash the house.  And during the process, Sal ended up on the roof and after telling me about the view I had to check it out, with camera in tow of course!  He was right, the view was way cool!

In the pic on the left, you can even see Jackson Lake between the trees!

Later that day we went for a short drive and stopped at one of the overlooks to check out some new signs that I saw posted there. 


Turns out they closed the trails into the Willow Flats due to a lot of bear activity!  Hmmm.  Wonder if one of them is the same bear that left the tracks on my last hike? 

Anyway, at that same overlook were a bunch of these little Yellowheaded Blackbirds. 


They are so cute!!  They were definitely looking for handouts too.  They hit up every single car as it drove in, without fail!!  It was quite entertaining to watch!

The next day, while Sal unfortunately had to work again, I went for a bike ride.  Apparently I missed seeing two grizzlies by seconds.  Part of me was sad I missed them, and part of me was relieved.  I was down along Pilgrim Creek where they were seen.  Another amazing view though!!

2.Vu.Pilgram.Crk.Rd.05.17.10 I finally got to start work though!  Yeah!!!  Of course, begin by getting to know a little about the campground.  It is a nice one!  And a BIG one!  The map below looks so simple, but when you look at the board in the front kiosk of all 350 sites, plus the 12 group sites, and the hiker/biker sites too it’s a bit overwhelming! 

3.Map.Colter.CG.05.12.10I know it will all be fine, but that’s a lot of sites to try to get to know so you have an answer when they start asking, “So what’s the best site?”   Or, “Which site has the best view of the mountains?”  I’ll figure it out one way or another. 

The weather has turned around on us though.  It’s cold and they’re calling for snow tonight and into tomorrow.  I could have sworn that spring was here since I saw this Stream Violet walking home from the campground.


Keep your fingers crossed for warmer weather soon!!

Come back soon!  Happy Trails everyone!


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