Hot Springs! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

Took a drive yesterday out to Thermopolis, WY which claims to have the “Worlds Largest Mineral Hot Springs.”  Much of the drive was through rolling hills and was very pretty.  All of a sudden as we were driving through the small town of Shoshoni this guy was just hanging out along the side of the road.

IMG_2666I just love Pronghorns!!  Their coloring and markings just fascinate me!!

Shortly after that, we got to the Boysen Reservoir and State Park. 

IMG_2713There were tons of campgrounds along the reservoir and tons of people fishing out there.   Hopefully they weren’t just fishin’ but actually catchin’!  Then we started to head into Wind River Canyon which was amazing!

IMG_2675 The Wind River through the canyon was simply gorgeous!  

IMG_2705The cliffs above were equally incredible!!!

IMG_2683There are some interesting tunnels through the rock too.  There’s a series of three of them. 

IMG_2678  Then we could see our destination in front of us…..IMG_2687aThe hot springs were a bit disappointing to look at.  It appears that many of them seem to be drying up, but not all of them.


The terrace along the river that was left from the spring was a big one.  Very cool to see too.  The different colors come from the many different kinds of algae that thrive in the warm water. 


There at the park, they’ve got a state owned pool that you can soak in for 20 minutes for free and they’ve also got a few private owned pools that you can pay for to go in and soak longer if you like.  20 minutes would never be enough for me, so we visited one of the private ones and soaked for a few hours.  Aaaaahhhhhh!  Very nice day!!

We’re headed to the town of Dubois today.  We’ll let you know what we find there!

Happy trails!


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